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BLM&H’s litigation practice consistently provides its clients with excellent legal representation and a dedication to cost-effective litigation and pre-suit solutions. The firm represents individuals, commercial businesses and nonprofit organizations in a variety of matters, ranging from employment and business disputes to personal injuries cases, product liability lawsuits and estate litigation. The firm’s litigators have decades of experience in both filing and defending cases across the country and regularly deliver outstanding results.

Within a short period of time our organization found itself the target of multiple legal attacks.  It quickly became apparent that the complexity of the situation was much more than a small local firm could handle.  The litigation team at BLM&H provided the expert guidance and steady leadership we needed to withstand the attacks and ultimately achieve total victory.  We are very grateful for their outstanding professional work throughout the entire process.

Director of Florida-Based Foundation


  • BLM&H represented the owners of a business in a hard-fought lawsuit that resulted in a $50 million judgment for the clients. The lawsuit was tried for seven weeks in California and was defended by prominent San Francisco and Philadelphia law firms.
  • BLM&H represented a woman who had been severely injured by improper medical care and a medication that was defectively made and distributed; the woman died prior to trial. The dispute was settled on very favorable terms on the third day of the trial.
  • BLM&H represented a large charitable foundation and related estate that had been sued by disgruntled family members of the founders of the foundation; following a two-week trial, judgment was rendered in favor of our clients on all claims.
  • BLM&H obtained a recovery, well into seven figures, for a severely injured and permanently disabled individual without having to file suit.
  • BLM&H represented the primary beneficiary of a charitable foundation following the trustee’s having failed to follow controlling documents and applicable law. The firm negotiated a resolution that resulted in the client obtaining the distributions to which it was entitled and the foundation’s purposes being fulfilled.
  • BLM&H represented women who had been discriminated against and obtained very favorable results for the clients.
  • BLM&H represented a church being accused of improper actions by a former member. We reached a successful resolution without suit being filed by either party.

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