Nonprofit and Tax-Exempt Organizations

Our approach

For over 35 years, BLM&H has been recognized as one of the most accomplished law firms with a concentration in the laws affecting nonprofit and tax-exempt organizations. BLM&H currently advises hundreds of nonprofit organizations nationwide. Whether representing churches or denominations, private foundations, educational institutions, community foundations, other public charities, supporting organizations, social clubs, action organizations or business leagues, we combine our wealth of knowledge with personal service. For many clients, our approach has resulted in BLM&H becoming the organization’s outside general counsel, where we are the first call from the executive team and in-house counsel concerning any legal need.

BLM&H’s nonprofit team is more than just a provider of legal advice, it is a trusted partner and friend. Its lawyers take the time to understand our mission and donor base, anticipate our needs and work tirelessly on our behalf.

Global CFO of International Charity


  • BLM&H formed and exempted over a thousand nonprofits across the U.S., all successfully.
  • BLM&H formed, exempted and continues to represent a DAF sponsor with over $1 billion in annual grants.
  • BLM&H regularly advises a global ministry regarding international operations.
  • BLM&H advises nonprofits concerning structural options with regard to nonprofit and for-profit affiliated and subsidiary corporations.
  • BLM&H advises its broadcast ministry clients regarding U.S. and international television royalty claims.
  • BLM&H regularly advises its clients concerning excess benefits, unrelated business taxable income (UBTI) and other governance issues.
  • BLM&H regularly advises private foundations on compliance with the requirements under IRC Sections 4941 through 4945.
  • BLM&H regularly advises for-profits and entrepreneurs seeking to establish an affiliated charitable organization, before forming and exempting such entities.

Public Charities
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Private Foundations
Donor Advised Funds
Supporting Organizations
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Tax Exemption
IRS Reclassification
Board and Corporate Governance
International Structures and Affiliations
Preservation of Religious Freedom
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